NCIS and the classroom

I am a huge fan of NCIS Los Angeles.  In fact, I stay up too late on Monday nights to watch the show this season.

You’re probably wondering if you’ve stumbled onto a different blog or into the Twilight Zone.  Isn’t this blog supposed to be about school stuff, not network TV?  You’re in the right place; this is a blog about why our classrooms need to be like NCIS (obviously without the murder, violence, and bombs). What I mean is this:  the same thing that draws me to NCIS LA every Monday night can be part of what draws our students to 0ur classrooms each day.

While I do enjoy the tension of the world almost ending each week on the show, and I like the “thrill of the chase” as the investigators hunt down perpetrators, what draws me to the show time and time again is the characters.  Since I started watching, I’ve been with Deeks, Kenzie, Callan, and Sam through a lot.  Even when the show’s content gets a bit dull, or when a new character is introduced who pains me, I find myself drawn back because of the characters I know.

In the classroom, relationships matter even more than they do between my and my TV “friends.”  In a classroom, relationships are real.  When the content gets “boring” or life gets tough, will students keep coming to our classes because of the relationships they have with us and with their peers?  Will they stick with us the way I stuck with the NCIS crew when Granger showed up and threatened to ruin a great show?

What can you do this week to cultivate the relationships in your classroom?  What can you do to build and maintain relationships with ALL of your students?  What can you do to encourage your students to develop and deepen relationships among themselves?


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