More PB&J Please

Last week, Bill Nye spoke to a large crowd on a local college campus.  His message was targeted for college students as he encouraged them to have a positive view of the future, tackle climate change, deflect asteroids, and “change the world.”  However, he also had a message for the teachers in the audience.  He encouraged us to teach passionately so students see what we love about science.  He said we need to show students the PB&J of science–that is, the passion, beauty, and joy of science.

PB&J may not always lead to the highest test scores (depending on what’s tested), but exposure to PB&J is sure to lead to increased engagement, which usually leads to more learning.  PB&J also leads to students pursuing science for enjoyment and for a career.  That, more than higher test scores, should be our ultimate goal.  Let’s share some more PB&J this week.


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Middle school science teacher--hoping to inspire wonder
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One Response to More PB&J Please

  1. I definitely try to show the kids the cool factor of science. Hopefully that comes across through my own excitement about what I teach, the random articles I share with them, the random short snippets I find and neat things I read on Twitter. I have had random kids bring in articles to share with me about some cool thing they saw about science. Love that!!

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