The Power of Success

Back in July, I had a simple finger prick test that showed me some numbers related to my health that I didn’t really like.  Numbers that should have been low were high, and numbers that should have been high were low.  I was frustrated and a little frightened, but I made a plan to change those numbers.  This weekend, I had the same test readministred and found that all of my numbers were improving.  I can’t tell you how excited I was about even the small improvement in my numbers–improvements that seemed to be directly linked to my effort.  I was emboldened (as a colleague would say) to work even harder to further improve those numbers in the coming months.

This was affirmation for me of the old idea that success breeds success, but what I learned was that success that is linked to effort is even more important.  If my numbers had changed without my having done any work, I wouldn’t be as committed to continuing to make changes.  Since it was related to my effort, it made a bigger difference in my life.  Thinking about this, I’m wondering how I can inspire this same feeling in my students.  How can I create situations where success is directly linked to effort?  How can students grow in their own sense of agency because they are using effort to produce results?  Join me in working this week to provide opportunities like this for our students.


About tkslibrarian

Middle school science teacher--hoping to inspire wonder
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