Finding what you seek

This summer, I’ve been thinking about poetry and photography.  I have dabbled in photography for several years now. Summer provides extended periods of time for me to use to seek opportunities for capturing great pictures.  Poetry has also been an interest of mine, and this summer, I enrolled in a poetry MOOC (  What I have discovered about both of these is that they are more than products; they are ways of looking at the world.  Photographers think about photography; view the world through the “lens” of photography, and, consequently, see great photo opportunities in the everyday world.  The same is true of poets.  They think about poetry, view the world through the “lens” of poetry, and find poetry in the mundane.  

What I’m really trying to say is that the “lens” that you use to view the world affects what you will find.  And, we usually find what we look for. In your classroom this year, what “lens” will you use, and what will you look for?  Will you use a lens of pessimism and look for the bad?  Will you use a lens of optimism and look for the good?  Will you use a lens of growth and look for it.  In my classroom, I plan to use the philosophy espoused by Alex Haley when he suggested that we  “Find the good, and praise it.”  

This year, you will find what you seek.  What will you seek?


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Middle school science teacher--hoping to inspire wonder
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2 Responses to Finding what you seek

  1. Amy Smith says:

    Love this – I love dabbling in photography – finding the relationships, the inspiration, and a unique perspective motivate me. Beautiful idea. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Greg Schreur says:

    Always good to see teachers writing. A bonus when it’s a non-English teacher.

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