Discipline–what’s the goal?

Recently, I have begun to think about discipline methods and the assumptions that underlie them.  Having been out of the classroom for a few years, I had moved away from the discipline conversation.  Now that I’ve returned to the classroom, this conversation has moved to the forefront of my thinking.  I have always maintained that I believe and follow Kohlberg’s stages of moral development, but upon a deeper look, I have to ask, “Do my actions align with my this belief?”  Many times, I have been guilty of running my classroom with a focus on punishment and rewards which does not move middle school students through Kohlberg’s stages.  It tends to stagnate them in the “what’s in it for me?” stages.  I really want my students to be in the social contracting stage of development instead of always asking “what’s in it for me?”  I’m not sure what exactly my classroom will look like when I move from rewards/punishment towards a state of social contracting, but I know it’s the direction I want to head.


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