Show me the awesome (take two)

Last year I was lucky enough to be a part of the Show Me the Awesome campaign to help promote the awesome things that school libraries are doing.  This year, I’m thinking of re-purposing that phrase in my science classroom.  Recently, Chris Lehman posted this on his blog talking about wearing the heart of your classroom on its sleeve (or wall).  When I think about the heart of my classroom, I think about my students.  Curriculum is important.  Assessment is important.  Differentiation is important.  But the true heart of my classroom is my students.  How different would my classroom look with pictures of my students plastered all over the walls?  That would be a way to let the heart of my classroom be evident.  Looks like it’s time to carry a camera with me and start snapping pictures of “the awesome” that is my students.  Starting this week, “Show Me the Awesome,” means show me what wonderful things you are doing in our school–and wait for your picture to appear on my wall.  How are you highlighting the awesomeness of your students?  


About tkslibrarian

Middle school science teacher--hoping to inspire wonder
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