Inspired (in the snow)

As the snow days mount this week, I’ve had little opportunity to inspire my students.  In fact, it’s February 5th, and we haven’t had one day of school in February yet.  My goals for this year have two parts, though.  One of those is inspiring others, while the second part is to be inspired myself.  While there is a lot of complaining we could do about the snow and the cold, there are also hints of inspiration to be found.  

Last night I looked out my window to see the shimmer of ice-coated branches in the night lights.  Today, trees everywhere have taken on an ice-induced beauty not usually seen around here.  Wide swaths of undisturbed white snow also provide beauty.  Take a minute today and look around and be inspired.  


About tkslibrarian

Middle school science teacher--hoping to inspire wonder
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