The Deception of the Sun

As I compose this, I’m surrounded by sunlight streaming through the windows.  The sunlight makes it look like a wonderful day for outdoor activities, but today the sunlight is deceptive.  Outside my door lies the coldest temperatures of a decade.  Today’s sun and cold provide a great analogy for many of our students.  On the surface, we often see either a delightful student or a behavior problem, but if we never take time to get to know the student below the facade, we may miss the “real” student.  We may miss the opportunity to make a difference to the student who truly needs it but only knows how to “ask” for help by being disruptive.  

If I fail to get to know the weather outside before leaving my house, I’ll use the wrong strategies to deal with it.  Similarly, if I fail to get to know my students, I may miss an opportunity to provide the help, support, or encouragement that they may need desperately. 

The school year is already well underway, and I think I know my students.  However as school resumes this week, I’m going to redouble my effort to really understand each of my students so that I can truly have a positive impact on each and every one of them.  Won’t you join me in working to make sure 2014 is an even more awesome year for our students?


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Middle school science teacher--hoping to inspire wonder
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