Is it enough or too much? A basketball metaphor

Weekends in January, February, and March mean little league basketball for me.  While I don't have children of my own playing little league, I spend time watching and supporting kids from school and church as they play on the weekends.  After I finished watching my 7th game this weekend, I began to reflect on what I'm doing.  (First I wondered if I might not need to get a life.  Actually, I love supporting these kids, and I chose to do it.)  However, I did begin to wonder if 7 games in two days might be a little extreme.  Then I began to consider this in light of school and homework. 

I truly do love watching basketball, but at some point, it gets to be too much.  How must our students feel, especially whey they don't truly love school like I love basketball?  Sometimes they spend hours in school "watching" teachers perform and they find that they must spend more time practicing a task that they don't like.  I can't imagine how badly my Saturday would have gone if I had to sit through 7 games of a sport that I don't like. 

So, what can I take from this experience to make me a better educator?
1. Relationships are important-I watch little league basketball because the players are important to me. In the classroom, students will work through some tough assignments when they know they are valued by the teacher.
2. The social aspect is important-watching basketball its more enjoyable when you sit by your friends. In school, opportunities to be social can improve student motivation and make boring tasks seem more fun.
3. Everything in moderation-school shouldn't consume the entire life of the student or the teacher.

So. . .enjoy some basketball and some good teaching.


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Middle school science teacher--hoping to inspire wonder
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